Chemical Goods (Non.Haz.)

Chemical Goods (Non Haz.) Transportation

Supporting Chemical Industry Needs

A full suite of logistics and transportation of chemical (non-hazardous) goods service available
across Canada and the North-West States of the United States.

Chemical Goods Logistic Solution

We pick and deliver chemical goods to all parts of Canada and the North-Western States of America. We have adopted all the personal and environmental security measures and follow the relevant regulations regarding the transportation of non-hazardous chemical goods. Our fleet managers continuously monitor the changes in domestic and international logistic regulations to ensure the safe and secure transportation of chemical goods.

We enjoy continuous relationship with leading chemical manufacturers and suppliers. We have proved ourselves as their trusted transportation partner ever since we entered the transportation industry.

We have tailored trucks and trailers to move non-hazardous chemical goods long distances as well as trans border. Ace City is known for its individual approach to the needs of our clients shipment. We deliver the assigned cargo on time, no matter how far we have to go.

Customer-Focused Logistic Solutions

We are completely oriented to the needs and requirements of our clients. Our deep experience and expertise have won us a strong customer base across numerous industries.

We have large fleet of trucks and even offer the trailers be stationed at our client’s locations to provide freight services tailored to their demands. These specialized vehicles are most suitable to regulate the temperature and humidity required for all types of non-hazardous chemical materials. We transport non-hazardous chemical goods such as pharmaceutical products, mineral fertilizers, surfactants, disinfectants and other similar products and compounds.