Why Ace City

Why partner with Ace City?

Excellence Delivered – Dedicated Transportation Service

We are Ontario based trucking company operating for more than one and a half decades,
providing great shipping experience to our clients.

Why Choose Ace City Inc.

Asset Based – We own a large fleet of trucks and trailers and can handle all aspects of supply chain management.

Timely Deliveries – We value the transportation needs of our customers and deliver the shipments entrusted with us to their destination on time. We accept even last-minute quantity and delivery timing changes per our customers' requirements.

Cost Effective – Our excellence in the transportation of dry goods provides the most economic methods for shipping the goods. We are committed to delivering bespoke solutions to match your shipping requirements.

Efficiency – We have a team of industry experts to deliver excellent transportation to your domestic and cross-border destinations. We are equipped with modern fleet, equipment and the latest technology.

Our Capabilities Extend Beyond Borders

From our strategically placed location in Ontario, our capabilities extend beyond borders. We can pick up and deliver from/to almost any location in Canada and United States to support your business logistic needs.

Ace City is proud to own large fleet of trucks and trailers to offer tailored transportation solutions. Unlike our competitors, we do not outsource or depend on the owner-operators. Our operational versatility benefits our customers as they receive maximum possibilities in terms of convenience, efficiency, cost-saving and safe and secure transportation.

We ensure high delivery reliability in Canada and US in terms of dry cargo transportation. No matter how far we have come, we are capable enough to offer a comprehensive range of logistic services to suit your business transportation needs.