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Ace City an asset-based and industry-leading Reefers/Heaters freight transportation
service provider for more than one and a half decades.

Reefer Transport Services

Cross-border temperature-controlled transportation is an area of expertise for Ace City for over one and a half decades now. We have created a benchmark in the industry by transporting freight between Canada and the West and North States of America for our esteemed customers. Our fleet of trucks includes reefers and heaters to transport your goods to your destinations on time and intact. Cool, warm or frozen, we will supply suitable transportation solutions for your regional and long-haul needs.

Ace City offers temperature-controlled trucks (reefers and heaters) to transport perishable and temperature-sensitive cargo. Reefers are necessary to control humidity, maintain adequate airflow and maintain the quality of your goods intact throughout the journey. Our heated vans maintain the adequate temperature required for your specific goods.

Temperature-Sensitive Cargo

    We provide reefers and heaters from Toronto, Ontario to the North and West states of the US including Michigan, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Kentucky, Mississippi, Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, West Virginia and back. If you own a business in Canada or in the US, we can offer reliable cross-border transportation services up and down.

    We offer affordable rates for all types of businesses. Our transportation rates are the lowest in the industry. Call our friendly CS Team today to discuss your transportation requirements or simply request a quote.