Ace City Inc. - Specialized Transportation Services


Ship from Ontario to USA, from USA to Ontario or Quebec

Ace City is a truckload carrier. We operate from Mississauga, Ontario and easy access to Canada’s busiest border crossing and major highways. Our always-available local pickup approach makes us to ensure the minimal handling and fast service.

We are equipped with all elements to offer hassle free truckload service between Ontario, Quebec to Mid-West USA. Our average distance coverage is within a 1000 kilometers radius of the Greater Toronto Area.

Our reputation is reliable transportation

Providing trucking services since 2005, Ace City has established a trans-border transportation reputation that leads the pack. You’ll appreciate our single point of contact customer service model that provides you with 24/7 access to your freight.



Truckloads of service: Full Truckload (FTL) and Less than Truckload (LTL)

Being an experienced FTL and LTL trucking companies in Ontario, Ace City has all the skills and experience to ensure every truckload maximizes efficiency for our clients, keeping costs down and delivery times shorter.

LTL: maximum efficiency, minimal costs

Not every time business requires a full truckload, which is where our Less Than Truck Load service can help for consistent supply and less delivery cost. We can ensure that every load is packed with safety, and in the right position for minimal movement during the delivery and unloading process.

Our LTL shipping services cover any size of delivery, from a single box or skid to almost a full load. Your LTL load can be in any shape or weight destined for Canada or the mid-west US.

FTL: Full Truck Load

Our modern fleets of over 50 units can deliver your full truckload of freight across Canada and cross-border to and from mid-west USA. Ace City has a strong focus providing premium service to the Mid-West, Eastern Seaboard (Great Lakes region) and every Canadian province. We also provide regular service to California and other points west, to satisfy every client’s shipping needs.

Holiday Delivery

To ensure that your load will reach the destination on the morning of first working day, we provide the trucking service on all holidays also. Our unconditional service enables us to be the trusted trucking company.

Drop Trailer

Our drop trailer service is the ideal truckload rate solution to carry and haul freights that is usually need a regular service.

Local Cartage

We offer the local cartage solution for the direct and same day delivery service for the convenience of our long-standing GTA client base. Our day cab fleet and company drivers move your goods with our trailers or yours and can meet the most stringent time lines required to accommodate your local supply chain requirements.